About Us

I am very grateful to introduce you to Bell’s International School’s official (BIS) website. Our institutions offer students a firm foundation in academics which they can build on in the pursuit of their individual and shared goals.

To this end, we continue to grow in leaps and bounds due to the hard work of our dedicated staff, the unwavering support of all parents, guardians and associates, and the ever increasing diligence of our enthusiastic students. Our quest for excellence in the preparation of our youth for the challenges of life and the advancement of our communities continue to produce results and we are grateful to all members of the Bell’s International School (BIS) related stakeholders.

By hardworking and the reputed exclamation of Archimedes when, after long study, he discovered a method of detecting the amount of alloy mixed with the gold in the crown of the king of Syracuse.  We acknowledge this  exclamation; Eureka knowledge  as our Hallmark to celebrate  our Achievement, discovery and invention.

we are swayed that a holistic educational experience is the source from which change, be it personal, national or global, may spring from. We therefore strive to charge a course shaped by our beliefs and values.

With Jehovah’s blessing we have come thus very far owing to the relentless effort we have put in.  To advance requires extra effort. To stay ahead of the pack, we must be insistent on our commitment to demonstrate innovation, creativity, discipline and industry. Fortunately, we possess the potential to do this in substantial measure, thus it is once we seize the opportunity to be the best parent, guardian, staff, student and associate that we can be an unbreakable force and work together in this prestigious institution. This when done we can  rest assured that our achievements shall know no limits.

We persevere to build and nurture the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and all related stakeholders. It has therefore come as no surprise that BIS has become a viable force to reckon with in the scope of academic excellence and continues to remain a role model for many.