Our Facilities

BIS ,Tema is an architectural masterpiece that meets all the necessary building requirements and conventions of the country. The classrooms are spacious with adequate ventilation. A few others of the school’s facilities have been enumerated below:


Sick Bay

Only first aid and analgesics are given students and staff. Parents are strongly advised not to send children to school if they are generally unwell and especially if they show any sign of infectious diseases like chicken pox, mumps or eye infections.

After an infectious illness, children must bring a medical clearance certificate and will not be allowed to attend classes until they do so. A registered Senior Midwife (nurse) manages the sick bay and takes care of all the children in the Primary School. Students are also taken through periodic health screening and adolescent reproductive health education.

Art Rooms

Students who take courses in Art will have all their lessons in one of the two Art Rooms. They are expected to handle all equipment with care.


The canteen offers a variety of food and snacks sold by private individuals under the School’s supervision. A qualified health personnel supervises the food handling and hygiene practices of the food sellers. All sellers undergo annual medical check-ups and are expected to maintain proper health standards